MEF s.r.l.


MEF (Materiale Elettrico Firenze) is a multispecialist company that deals with the distribution of electrical equipment. But MEF is something more. It is the daily partner of those who choose it. It is a professional reality that puts the customer at the center. It is the certainty that you will always obtain the most advanced solutions, in the best way. MEF is this thanks to six distinctive features:

  • modernity of its structure
  • flexibility of the organization
  • multiplicity of services
  • quality and variety of products
  • efficiency and dynamism of the sales network (from agents to branches)
  • experience gained in over half a century of history

There is another factor, maybe the most important: passion for what we do. Building the future, instead of waiting for it, has always been a MEF's choice, since 1968. However, the future that MEF aims to build is a future with deep roots, rich in history. (Status: 2023)

MEF s.r.l. – Sede legale
Via Panciatichi, 68
IT-50127 Firenze
Tel.: +39 055 43 62 10





317.000.000 €