One strong network of companies – a wide range of skills
Würth Elektrogroßhandel uses centralised key account management to respond to the individual needs of its industrial customers. We collaborate with regional partners who enable us to support you throughout Germany with competent and personal advice. We work together with FEGA & Schmitt Elektrogroßhandel GmbH, UNI ELEKTRO Fachgroßhandel GmbH & Co. KG, LICHTZENTRALE Lichtgroßhandel GmbH and WALTER KLUXEN GmbH to offer you exactly the service you need.



  • We've been successfully implementing key account management for many years
  • Greater process reliability
  • All-round service from a competent and reliable representative
  • uniform support at more than 150 locations in Germany
  • Consistent billing address
  • Effective distribution logistics thanks to three central warehouses in Germany
  • Full range with over 1,300,000 products for the electrical engineering industry


Requirements differ from sector to sector. That is why we offer key account management that is specifically geared to your sector. It is the only way for us to ensure we find individual solutions to your individual problems.

Transport and distribution

The supply of goods must always be secured – standstill is not an option. But the requirements are not always the same. Goods are carried on roads, rails, over water and in the air. We have special solutions in stock for all transport routes.

We are aware of your responsibilities and we understand your sector's special requirements. That's why we offer you a specific and selected range of high-quality products. We also collaborate closely with sector-specific manufacturers and always provide you with representatives who have specialist knowledge.


We supply electrical materials for building maintenance to companies and institutions in the health and social care sectors. We also equip their facilities with all the electrical appliances they need. In doing so, we take great care that the products meet their sector-specific requirements. Their high demands on hygiene are always considered.

Our consultancy service tends to focus on lighting and energy management. Our representatives are also well-versed in knowledge relating to health and social care. Our experts always find customised solutions for you.

Facility management and hospitality

Both the hospitality sector and facility management are extremely service-oriented. Matters such as safety, hygiene and design are of great importance. W.EG. has a very good understanding of your industry.

We have special offers for you, including products from renowned manufacturers who are known for their quality. These products are long-lasting, function perfectly and will also meet your visual expectations.

Of course, we also provide you with a competent representative who understands your industry. This enables us to guarantee you a professional service tailored to your needs.

Lift construction

The production of escalators and lifts is not your only job. The machines also need constant maintenance and you require technicians who can promptly be on site. Spare parts must also be readily available.

Würth's dense branch and service network ensures timely and reliable service. Our personalised purchasing authorisation cards also make it easy to purchase electrical parts throughout Germany.

We have even assembled a special team of experts in lift manufacture to offer you a service that is precisely adapted to your needs.

Energy suppliers

Optimum security of supply and special product ranges form the basis for an excellent service. We maintain close relationships with suppliers of those special products that are important to your sector. Our employees are also experts in the field of energy supply. They use their solid expertise and many years of experience to provide you offers that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Industrial sectors (plant construction, automotive, chemicals, food)

Plant construction
Precision is required in plant construction. We can use our extensive range of electrical products, many special ranges and industry-specific service to help you consistently maintain your production quality at an excellent level.

Materials used in the chemical industry are subject to special requirements. Dust protection must be guaranteed and many products must be resistant to various chemicals.

Continuous monitoring of standards, reporting according to customer specifications and high process reliability are an integral part of our work. We also offer a special range of high-quality products from well-known manufacturers.

Hygiene and reliability are top priorities in the food industry. The maintenance costs of manufacturing processes should moreover be kept as low as possible.