We are fully committed to our Code of Compliance and thus make it clear that we always act with integrity in our dealings with each other as well as with our customers, suppliers and other business partners. Information provided by third parties often leads to white-collar crime being uncovered and resolved. We have therefore set up a system that enables notification of criminal activities and serious violations of our Code of Compliance. This is our internet based BKMS (Business Keeper Monitoring System). The system is based on security-certified software and is already being used successfully in over 190 countries by companies, administrative entities and organisations.

You want to notify us via the BKMS system? Then you can choose whether you want to do this anonymously or by stating your name. Open communication is particularly important to us. We therefore expressly encourage you to provide your name. All your information will be treated as strictly confidential and we will also consider the interests of any parties worthy of protection.


Providing information to us is quite simple – you only need to create a BKMS mailbox. This enables us to contact you if further clarifications are required. You can also add further information to your message at any time. You can also communicate anonymously via the mailbox if you wish.

Please note that BKMS is used exclusively to enable you to alert us to the following offences: suspected white-collar crime or defined, serious compliance violations within Würth Elektrogroßhandel. Misuse of the system for other purposes may constitute a criminal offence.

This link enables you to add a notification to the system: Add a notification
Many thanks for your support!