The modular route to success – a double pack of competence

Product ranges are becoming more and more extensive and therefore more complex. Old methods are not sufficient for this transition. You should therefore rely on new systems with good prospects. Increase your productivity. Reduce both process and procurement costs and don't just systematically purchase your electrical materials, but also the associated connecting elements.

We collaborate with Würth Industrie Service to develop effective solutions for your company. Our extensive range of small electrical parts and an advanced RFID-based kanban system ensure that you always receive your small electrical parts just in time as you need them.


Würth Industrie Service is a subsidiary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and a part of the Würth Group that operates independently. The company is based in Bad Mergentheim in Germany and offers customised supply and procurement concepts for industrial customers. It places great importance on supply security and process reliability. Würth Industrie Service holds a special product range comprising over a million items to assure this.


C-Parts Management

Falling process costs, reduced inventories and digitised and simplified ordering processes are the consequences of our C-parts management. This combination ensures greater supply security and increased productivity.


Buy your materials at low prices and never wait long for them to arrive. That's our kitting process!


Our Kanban system is extremely flexible and therefore ideal for process optimisation. All items always arrive on time exactly where you need them. This prevents bottlenecks and it all happens directly in production.