The purchasing organisation at Würth Elektrogroßhandel

Our geographical composition results in the purchasing organisation at Würth Elektrogroßhandel featuring a wide variety of products and a high degree of internationalisation. Our knowledge of the local markets within the different countries of presence and our W.EG. companies’ personnel’s advisory skills and expertise are key to favour your go to market strategies. 

Use your goods to benefit from the bundling of your commodity flow into the product range carried by our international companies. These companies will then use their expert advisory skills to sell your products. Enjoy the benefit of central payment models offered by our sister company Würth Finance.

We at Würth Elektrogroßhandel are aware that our success largely depends on the quality and professionalism of our suppliers. Our companies' purchasing departments are therefore constantly seeking new and innovative high-performing suppliers who make efficient contributions to our ultimate corporate objective of improving customer satisfaction and delivery capacity to customers. Another pillar of our success is collaborative partnership with our suppliers and partners. This includes ensuring compliancy with local applicable rules and regulations, respecting fundamental ethical values and acting in a sustainable manner. We expect our suppliers, partners and their employees to act responsibly in line with this strategy.

Should we have aroused your interest, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are already a partner supplier of one of our W.EG companies, then we suggest you refer to the purchasing manager of this company and discuss with them how to manage the relationship to extend the range of action to other companies.

As an alternative, you can contact us via e-mail, writing to to be included in our pool of potential suppliers and partners. Würth Elektrogroßhandel will initiate further contact with you if your profile matches our needs and requirements.